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Author Topic: Morgan St. Post game interviews  (Read 2888 times)


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Morgan St. Post game interviews
« on: December 22, 2006, 09:47:01 PM »
Dan Fitzgerald
- He was hearing Tony Smith yell at him to "shoot" in his head

- The extra pass is always the better shot.

- Fitz was excited to play some point after playing there a lot last year.  Blackledge did a good job of defense.  He gives the team some spark. DJ, JM, and WM always give that, Blackledge brings that to the team too.  He's a great player and great kid, just needs to bring energy every night - he has the skills.

- McNeal has emerged as a great leader, he always brings a lot of energy. 

- Lott lives close to Fitz, so they'll carpool and are excited to get some time at home.


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Re: Morgan St. Post game interviews
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2006, 09:55:41 PM »
Tom Crean
-  54 deflections, Jerel had 11.  Marquette won the hustle game (points in the paint, fast break points, ect).

 - Cubillan has a foot injury going for a loose ball.  Doctors cleared him to play, but needs a little rehab time, but Crean decided to start him in the second half.

- Extra pass is really crucial.  Not a lot of players can make challenged shots.  The extra pass creates a lot of open shots.  Very important for the team.  Offense was solid, but not great.

- Easy to get ball in the middle and to the FT line tonight.  Need to make some more dribble penetration though.  Tried a lot of different lineups, so the team wasn't as smooth, but they played through that.

- Blackledge is somebody they'd like to see become part of the rotation.

- McNeal being 7-8 FTs is great.  81% for the team is "strong", and hope people talk about this as much as the games where they missed a bunch.  Jerel is doing great at playing his pace, and reading the game.  He wants to get better.  He's a dominant player in practice, and it's going into the games now too.

- MU played with 4 possible PGs at one point, and they didn't get a lot of rebounds, but it's great that you can do that.  At the end of the game they went with 4 big guys.

- Matthews will be a very good player - getting better all the time. 

- The break is much needed.  They've had some short practices lately - Crean trying to read the team.  DW said TC was getting "soft".  One more game before the conference, and a dogfight every night.