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Author Topic: Bipartisan gun responsibility measure reached  (Read 1907 times)


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Re: Bipartisan gun responsibility measure reached
« Reply #100 on: June 20, 2022, 11:20:35 PM »
I guess the nutters here who continue to oppose gun safety measures must have switched over to Bannon's podcast as their main source of "news".

One might think a poll like this would scare the hell out of the NRA and the rest of the "I love guns more than I love human life" crowd. But they're just smiling because they know it's meaningless.

Nearly half of those elected to Congress have been bought by the gun lobby and don't care about what their own constituents think about gun responsibility, and it looks like that number will only grow because even people who claim to care deeply about human life keep voting for those who don't.
"We understand that for some reason, to people with money, to people who fund political campaigns, guns are more important than children. Today we stand for Lexi, and as her voice, we demand action."

-- Kimberly Rubio, whose daughter Lexi was among 19 schoolchildren slaughtered in Uvalde, Texas