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Author Topic: MU/Idaho State !  (Read 1677 times)


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MU/Idaho State !
« on: November 14, 2006, 06:22:21 PM »
 don't know what kind of a future (if any) that DJ and McNeal have in the NBA----but I'll tell you this both of them would have a future in the NFL as defensive backs. Their tenacity in the last few minutes of regulation & overtime on defense was the only real positive of the whole game.

Another potential positive was the rapid movement/passing of the ball on the perimeter----i say "potential" because though there was good ball movement-----all it turned out to be was a game of neutralized pass & catch as we weren't positioned to attack the seams of the 3-2 zone.

We've played 3 games now and each team has had the same defensive MO-----and that is pack the middle (give them what they can get from the outside, but don't give them the alley to the hoop).

Obviously (should be clear to everyone) our success (or lack thereof) this year will be in direct proportion to how well we shoot the trey. Last year we had two guys who looked for the trey first and then the pass or drive (Chapman & SN)----this year everyone is looking for the pass or drive first and then the trey as an afterthought. When you're looking for the trey as an afterthought-----you're not going to hit a good percentage----a good trey shooter is a guy who is psyched to shoot the trey from the get go-----that's his nich----rare is there the guy who can do both (the closest we have to that would be Mathews----and even he had his troubles last night).

For this season to be a success----we have to develop some "niche" trey shooters!