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Author Topic: Jay Bilas Chat  (Read 3823 times)


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Jay Bilas Chat
« on: January 22, 2009, 09:51:42 PM »
TC (Milwaukee): Come on, Jay! How does Marquette's Wes Matthews or Jerel McNeal not on your midseason awards team??? Don't fault for not being selfish. Marquette has 4 legitimate scorers in Wes, McNeal, James & Hayward, but they understand 'the team fist' mentality. Give some love for Wes, please. Great work, by the way!

 Jay Bilas: (5:41 PM ET ) I can only pick 15, bro!! Wesley Matthews and Jerel McNeal were considered and very close. The players I have really been happy for are Dominic James and Lazar Hayward. James is playing with a free mind, and he is just being a guard instead of everyone's idea of a classic point guard. Hayward is a stud. He will cause a lot of match-up issues in the Big East. UConn is fortunate to have Stanley Robinson back....he is the only one that can guard him.