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Author Topic: Marquette picked to finish FIRST in Big East by USA Today. National Expectations  (Read 3572 times)


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Wow. Love to see it, but in a league with UConn, Louiisville, ND, Pitt...I doubt it. Any one of those four teams could be Final Four material. We could, too, if we get anything out of the 5 spot.

The Lens

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They obviously realize our coaching talent has finally caught up to our playing talent.  And I mean that seriously and about coaches 1-4 not just one.  We have a real, professional staff.  I doubt Dale Layer is working on his resume every night.  Buzz scares me a little bit with his # of days at MU and watching other people's pressers but he can't be any worse of a game coach than TC.  It sounds like he'll work as hard (which was TC's extraordinary gift) and with Benford & Layer, he has two vets on his side.

Great to see these expectations...who wants to bet against Jerel McNeal?
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Does sound... at least a little odd that they'd pick UL to finish 6th in the Big East but get a #1 seed in the NCAA tourney  ?-(


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i haven't seen the paper, but i'm guessing that one person did the big east projections, and another did the ncaa tournament projections.  two people, two opinions.


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We'll just have to go out there and [try to] prove it.  On a side note, I randomly saw James on the cover of Lindy's College Basketball 2008-2009 Preview.  MU is profiled on page 77....a sign of good things to come?


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Smart money says ZFB has a better chance of finishing on top of EA than the Warriors do of finishing on top of the Big East. ;D
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Smart money says ZFB has a better chance of finishing on top of EA than the Warriors do of finishing on top of the Big East. ;D

nah, she likes it from b........nope, not gonna finish my sentence.   8-)


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That's not what she told me......