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Recruiting as of 9/15/20 by Trump Loves The Big East
[Today at 12:21:15 PM]

Proud of Doc Rivers by Fluffy Blue Monster
[Today at 08:01:07 AM]

Interview with Dexter by THRILLHO
[Today at 05:05:45 AM]

College Sports Madness 144 Preview by tower912
[September 26, 2020, 10:40:17 AM]

Marquette NBA Thread by Newsdreams
[September 26, 2020, 01:44:08 AM]

MU Season Ticket E-Mail by bilsu
[September 25, 2020, 07:14:20 PM]

NM by Hards_Alumni
[September 25, 2020, 03:47:26 PM]

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COVID-19 / Re: Wisconsin
« Last post by GooooMarquette on Today at 02:16:34 PM »
WI cases 'down' to 2,217 today...but the positivity rate is an alarming 27.6%. Wtf, Wisconsin?
The Superbar / Re: 2020-21 NFL Season
« Last post by jesmu84 on Today at 02:16:27 PM »
Bears stink
The Superbar / Re: Tennis
« Last post by shoothoops on Today at 01:14:42 PM »
Enormous dub for 16 year old American teen Coco Gauff over 9th seed Jo Kanta 6-3, 6-3 under the cold breezy, drizzled lights in Paris. Kanta has had a strong re-start.

Korda,.Fritz, and Isner moving forward for American Men.

Vandy's Astra Sharma getting it done for College Tennis in 3 sets.

Warwrinka dominant over Andy Murray.

First ever under the lights play as well as Center Court Roof play. Ans there has already been debate in matches when to close it.

COVID-19 / Re: Wisconsin
« Last post by jesmu84 on Today at 12:45:41 PM »
Cases are alarming and something to be concerned about but it is reported the state has a back log of negative tests they are holding so they make sure the positive cases are contact traced.  Not sure how big the backlog will be but something to i read.

Hangin' at the Al / Re: Recruiting as of 9/15/20
« Last post by Trump Loves The Big East on Today at 12:21:15 PM »
Interview with Lucas Taylor.  Seems like a very high quality young guy.

His stock appears to be rising.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Recruiting as of 9/15/20
« Last post by muwarrior69 on Today at 10:18:45 AM »
"Fear The Goggles"

Lots of good detail here on Wilhelm.

Wow! Its between Nebraska and MU and according to verbal commits we did not even offer a scholarship that I could see.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Proud of Doc Rivers
« Last post by Fluffy Blue Monster on Today at 08:01:07 AM »
My initial thought is that Doc's rules for life would be a lot more meaningful if he wouldn't blow so many 3-1 leads.
COVID-19 / Re: Marquette University
« Last post by warriorchick on Today at 07:46:39 AM »
With Schroeder didn’t they tell kids they could go elsewhere? This announcement discouraged that, and said they could only go to their permanent residence, and would need a negative test to return.  Was that part of the Schroeder order too?

No.  They were discouraged from leaving there as well.

Many, many more kids left Cobeen.  They saw what happened in Schroeder and could prepare.
The Superbar / Re: Bourbon
« Last post by real chili 83 on Today at 07:18:22 AM »
Got introduced recently to Russell’s 10 year and single barrel.  Both worth repeating. 

Also had Noah’s Mill.   Really good. At 114 proof, the first sip is a lot of fun.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Interview with Dexter
« Last post by THRILLHO on Today at 05:05:45 AM »
All accounts? Sounds like 2 accounts. And those two also didn’t want to play with Tyler Herro. Aka they don’t want better players than them on their team is why it seems like.

Agree with the first part, but as to the second part they did transfer to msu and virginia.
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