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Does anyone else scroll through the replies to see where the post gets back on topic, only to be disappointed that it never actually does get back to the original scope?
Hangin' at the Al / Re: BE at MSG through 2028
« Last post by The Lens on Today at 12:55:30 PM »
Don't forget you must add the cost for all sports.

I bet some Georgetown lawyers could lay out a case to the NCAA that gets that rule changed.

Rules are meant to be changed by attorneys.
Pretty sure his first two lines should have been in teal and his last line is the only one he meant.

Quality of opponent is far more important than just winning.

Exactly. Which is why Kansas barely beating marginal opponents like Stanford & NMSU matters.

Went from “we weren’t in the game from the 20:00 mark of the second half” to “Kansas could’ve easily lost to us.”

You point to a 2 point road win at powerhouse Northwestern as a positive on Michigan’s resume and then try to talk down Kansas’s resume because they could’ve lost to #3 Tennessee on a neutral court. It’s absurd.

I’m glad Michigan is smoking up far inferior opponents. Their resume is also nowhere close to as good as Kansas’s. Kansas’s 3rd best win is right on par with Michigan’s very best win.

Fine, take us out of it. They are still incredibly lucky to not be 5-3 and unranked.

And the difference is that Northwestern is the ONLY close game Michigan has played. Were you really impressed by Kansas against Stanford? I watched that game. They were bad. They were bad against NMSU. They are not as good a team as Michigan right now.

Kansas hasn't played an opponent at home as good as Purdue or UNC, yet they struggled more than UM has at home. No one with working eyes or any numerical sense could see how bad KU was in their last two home games and conclude they are better than Michigan, Duke, or Gonzaga.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: MU recruiting stories to fill the break
« Last post by mileskishnish72 on Today at 12:51:31 PM »
Honestly, some of these stories must be made up.

Majerus lost a recruit because he found him abusing a pet? You wouldn't think that would bother a guy who could make such good use of a towel.
The Superbar / Re: Warhawk
« Last post by Jay Bee on Today at 12:50:34 PM »
Thise jets took off at MSP around 1:20pm on Tuesday as well. Loud af
The Superbar / Re: Worst/Best Christmas Songs?
« Last post by mu03eng on Today at 12:45:26 PM »
You get it, I think Eng gets it too. There were plenty of predators around in the 1940s. Plenty around today. When the snowflakes turn something innocent into something horrific they just give the real bad guys cover. But  self congratulatory outrage feels so good they can't resist.

Oh I get it, Baby It's Cold Outside is an offensive song to some and can be a trigger for others who suffered some form of assault. If you want to listen to it that's cool, if you don't that's cool too. I'm never for "banning" something but I'm fine if private entities like radio stations decide they don't want to play it because they are making a business decision.

It's innocent in your life experience, which I'm fine with as well.

At the end of the day it's just something everyone wants to fight about because the "outrage culture" is alive and well on both sides of the political spectrum.
The Superbar / Re: Warhawk
« Last post by mu03eng on Today at 12:42:08 PM »
Waiting to board my plane yesterday in Minneapolis, flights were paused for a few minutes so a bunch of fighter jets could take off.  Heard loud noises while reading and thought nothing of it until I saw people standing at the window taking photos.  Looked like F-16's.

If they were Electric Lawn Darts, it was probably 115th Fighter Wing out of Truax in Madison, did they have a red bar on the vertical stabilizer(tail)?
Hangin' at the Al / Re: MU recruiting stories to fill the break
« Last post by TallTitan34 on Today at 12:41:38 PM »
How about when Tommy Naismith showed up at Iman Shumperts doorstep at midnite on a 4 wheeler.  Shumpert knew the dude was weird n committed to Georgia tech.

Funny how Cream lost his IU job because all the HS coaches hated him n the 4-5 stars went elsewhere.  Archie is cleaning up the instate recruiting.  2 five stars n 3 four stars in two recruiting cycles.  So much talent only a douche nozzle could f it up.

I believe he showed up in a limo.  The four wheeler is what he almost flipped at Marquette Madness.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: BE at MSG through 2028
« Last post by Schmidtyfactor on Today at 12:41:12 PM »
If UCONN ever comes back to the Big East I want Steve Novak to throw the honorary tip-off in Milwaukee to welcome them back.
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