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Date/Time: Oct 13, 2023, 6:00 pm
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29 - 7

Author Topic: MU still more all-time great teams in game then UCLA, KS - but Lopez memory :-(  (Read 1009 times)


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This post start with this - If I ever needed proof I was a certifiable basketball nut, it would start with a game I went to see Stephen Curry’s dad Dell Curry play at the Richmond Coliseum against a great VCU team. I parked in my home downtown Richmond, at the time ranked No. 2 to Detroit in murder per capita, and bolted with a friend into the game. After the game I could not find my keys despite the help from staffers. I retraced my steps to where I parked, only to discover I had not only left the keys in the car, but left the car running and unlocked for the entire game. I also watched one of the other 10 teams were are adding to the Value Add Basketball game, seeing Brook Lopez sink a shot as he fell on the baseline and the buzzer ended the game to give Stanford an 82-81 win in March Madness on my 43rd birthday in 2008.

I don't usually post my sports blogs because it has gotten half a million unique views on its own. But with college football on in the background after the massive realignment in conferences (can't wait for the Stanford at UVa ACC showdown, and UCLA vs. Michigan Big Ten). With the 3-day weekend had to share some pretty funny stories on myself while updating the game. for my blogs or articles and for for current and historic rankings.


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