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Author Topic: Louisville Prediction Contest Results  (Read 1776 times)


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Louisville Prediction Contest Results
« on: February 05, 2008, 10:52:52 AM »
1. Total Game Points: 128 (129) SoCalEagle
2. MU points: 57 (64) SoCalEagle, RJax55
3. ville points: 71 (73) TheManInGold
4. TO's forced by MU: 13 (13) mufanatic, rocky_warrior, RJax55
5. TO's forced by Ville: 12 (12) Warrior, TVDirector, McHenryWarrior, MUFan07, Mayor McCheese, mu_83_Florida, denverMU, mufanatic, spiral97, Sir Lawrence, Secret of the Ouse, Virginia Warrior 77
6. MU total made 3's: 6 (6) Virginia Warrior 77, 4everwarriors, mu_83_Florida, mosarsour, chicos, SoCalwarrior, RJax55, muhoosier260, Oneills Barstool, TVDirector
7. MU total bench points: 18 (18) SoCalEagle, mudimitri, TheManInGold
8. MU total (non-team) rebounds: 32 (32) Virginia Warrior 77, 4everwarriors, mu_83_Florida, SoCalwarrior, mufanatic, Marquette08
9. MU top scorer and how many: Matthews 15 (16) TVDirector
10. MU top assist man and how many: Acker 4 (none)
11. MU top rebounder and how many: Barror 6 (7) MarquetteFan94, Marquette08, muhoosier260
12. Ville's top scorer and how many: Sosa 18 (none)
13. MU top 3-point shooter and how many: Matthews, Acker 2 (Matthews 2) TheManInGold, chicos
14. MU steals leader and how many: McNeal 3 (3) MOwarrior, Warrior, TVDirector, ultimate, mu_hilltopper, mooka-3, Secret of the Ouse, Oneills Barstool, mosarsour, MarquetteFan94, ecompt, mu_83_Florida, mwbauer7, sv48, 4everwarriors, Virginia Warrior 77
15. Combined McNeal, Matthews, James points: 34 (33) muhoosier260 (35) TheManInGold

Lottery Question (must be exact) 4 points Predict which player, MU or Ville, scores the first basket of the game.  Sosa (none)