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Author Topic: Politics and Covid  (Read 3145 times)


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Politics and Covid
« on: May 05, 2020, 12:07:53 PM »
There seems to be much confusion over no poiltics elsewhere on MUScoop, but politics "allowed" here.  I'll repost what I've said before, cheers.

What happened to no politics?

It is impossible to discuss Covid-19 in the US and leave politics out of it. The US president is running the show on this one, he's running daily press briefings.   This is affecting everyone, and we're *trying* to let people have reasonable discussions about this. 

Nobody has been banned for politics on this board - but we have deleted a number of posts that are not appropriate.  We have also banned a few people for general inappropriate posting and instigating.    If you feel false or misleading information has been posted, please do correct it.  We want as much factual information here as possible.  But also know that you'll get blasted (by either side) if you post propaganda or fake news.  Opinions are OK too - but don't vent too much or it might get deleted. 

This is a global pandemic, and this is a forum to talk about it.  We're not relaxing that rule in other boards (or, not trying to...).   

And finally - I've said it a million times before - we don't WANT to moderate anything.  We'd prefer you all behave and make our lives easier.