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Author Topic: Value Add and KenPom Agree on 3 of 5 All-Big East, and Markus as MVP  (Read 294 times)


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As usual, table easier to read on Cracked Sidewalks linked above, but here it is:

Markus Howard moved to MVP of the Big East in Value Add Rankings, worth an extra 9.72
points per game for the 7th best value in the country, while Myles Powell is 13th to also
qualify as an All-American. Ty-Shon Alexander of Creighton just misses All-American
at 18th Nationally, while the Value Add All-Big East team is rounded out by Sean McDermott
of Butler and Paul Reed of DePaul to give the Big East five of the 30 most valuable players
in the country, and Mitch Ballock of Creighton just misses as the 34th best player in the

While our rankings do not include last night's games, ratings are through
last night and he ranks Markus as the 2nd best player in the country, and agrees that
Myles Powell is the 2nd best in the conference and that Paul Reed is in the top 5.
However, he rates Kamar Baldwin of Butler and Tyrique Jones of Xavier in his All-Big East
calculations rather than Value Add's calculation of Alexander and McDermott.

Click for the updated Value Add Basketball Rankings. Due to a programming issue, the website includes past years from 2002 to 2019, but this
 season is only on the google sheet. Here are the All-Americans and All-Conference
 players followed by an explanation:

Nat'l Rnk   Player   Team   Value Add   Conf   Ht   Class
1   Malachi Flynn #22   San Diego St.   11.36   MWC   6-foot-1   Jr
2   Onyeka Okongwu #21   USC   10.45   P12   6-foot-9   Fr
3   Devon Dotson #1   Kansas   10.35   B12   6-foot-2   So
4   Fatts Russell #1   Rhode Island   10.1   A10   5-foot-10   Jr
5   Jordan Roland #12   Northeastern   9.91   CAA   6-foot-1   Sr
6   Payton Pritchard #3   Oregon   9.84   P12   6-foot-2   Sr
7   Markus Howard #0   Marquette   9.72   BE   5-foot-11   Sr
8   Loren Cristian Jackson #1   Akron   9.71   MAC   5-foot-8   Jr
9   Jordan Ford #3   Saint Mary's   9.63   WCC   6-foot-1   Sr
10   Daniel Oturu #25   Minnesota   9.49   B10   6-foot-10   So
11   Luka Garza #55   Iowa   9.46   B10   6-foot-11   Jr
12   Tyrese Haliburton #22   Iowa St.   9.45   B12   6-foot-5   So
13   Myles Powell #13   Seton Hall   9.35   BE   6-foot-2   Sr
14   MaCio Teague #31   Baylor   9.23   B12   6-foot-3   Jr
15   Devin Vassell #24   Florida St.   9.21   ACC   6-foot-7   So

Other All-Big East

18   Ty-Shon Alexander #5   Creighton   9.06   BE   6-foot-4   Jr
25   Sean McDermott #22   Butler   8.77   BE   6-foot-6   Sr
30   Paul Reed #4   DePaul   8.33   BE   6-foot-9   Jr
34   Mitch Ballock #24   Creighton   8.19   BE   6-foot-5   Jr
51   David Duke #3   Providence   7.65   BE   6-foot-5   So
59   Quincy McKnight #0   Seton Hall   7.56   BE   6-foot-4   Sr
60   Saddiq Bey #41   Villanova   7.54   BE   6-foot-8   So
65   Collin Gillespie #2   Villanova   7.4   BE   6-foot-3   Jr
67   Tyrique Jones #4   Xavier   7.32   BE   6-foot-9   Sr
129   Omer Yurtseven #44   Georgetown   6.11   BE   7-foot-0   Sr
132   Marcus Zegarowski #11   Creighton   6.04   BE   6-foot-2   So
142   Kamar Baldwin #3   Butler   5.89   BE   6-foot-1   Sr
166   Bryce Nze #10   Butler   5.66   BE   6-foot-7   Jr

In the Notes field find the position of each player (PG, SG, SF, PF or C) which is based
 on the position most played according to, or if they had not played
 in the past five games to appear on his list, their position is based on height. Since we
 added the positions since the mid-January ratings, we calculated the position-by-position
 adjustment based on the average Value Add rating of the top 100 players at each position.
 Therefore Point Guards (PG) Value Add calculations were then multiplied by 1.02, Shooting
 Guards (SG) 1.25, Small Forward (SF) 1.07, Power Forwards (PF) 0.97 and Centers (C) 0.83.

This is similar to adjustments most years, however, the past few years the “freedom of movement”
rules seemed to level the ratings by position and there was no need for adjustment the last few

In the notes, we also list if each player is a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd team All-Conference player with
the MVP of each conference noted. Also in the Notes Field, we list the team’s record and how
many games the player had started when we ran the rankings so you can figure out if a recent
game was included.

The overall Value Add indicates how many points per game the player would include an
 average team if he joined, while the AdjO indicates how many points he would improve their
 scoring and the AdjD indicating how many points he would take away from opponents if he
 joined an average team (minus is good, taking points away, while a positive number is bad
 indicating he would allow additional points).