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Author Topic: Marquette 2003 ranks 19th of 42 great teams in NBA talent  (Read 880 times)


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Marquette 2003 ranks 19th of 42 great teams in NBA talent
« on: May 27, 2019, 12:22:30 PM »

While playing the Board game I invented, and with Wade, Novak and Diener now done, I wondered how their 31 years stacked up against the other teams. When I crunched the numbers and ranked by total players to make the NBA with the tie-breaker of how many actual years they played, Marquette's 3 players and 31 years ranked 19th of 42 great teams of the century.

Keep in mind I only let each school have one team, so there is only one Duke, Kentucky and Kansas team to finish ahead of us, and since you need to make a Final 4 or finish top 5 in kenpom to be considered - so the game includes 3 teams with no NBA players in the Final 4 teams of VCU, George Mason and Loyola.

I went with total players first because I'd rather have more players than one player with a long career since these guys are all end of the bell curve, but if I went straight with years Marquette would have tied the 2007 Ohio State team with 31 years in 10th - so really elite to have three that great - though like many of the teams obviously Novak was not yet at his ultimate potential that year.