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Author Topic: HALL OF FAME  (Read 7511 times)


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« on: December 18, 2007, 02:18:05 PM »
2006-2007 Prediction Champions
Season Champion: ecompt

2007-2008 Prediction Champions
Non-Conference Champion: MUFan07
Big East Champion (1st Half): 4everwarriors
Big East Champion (2nd Half): Mayor McCheese
Season Champion: SoCalwarrior

2008-2009 Prediction Champions
Non-Conference Champion: Warrior
Big East Champion (1st Half): ecompt
Big East Champion (2nd Half): ecompt
Season Champion: ecompt

2009-2010 Prediction Champions
Non-Conference Champion: copious1218
Big East Champion (1st Half): Eford4President2012
Big East Champion (2nd Half): SoCalwarrior
Season Champion: Jay Bee

2010-2011 Prediction Champions
Non-Conference Champions: StillAWarrior, ChicosBailBonds

2012-2013 Prediction Champions
Maui Invitational Champion: MUfan12
Non-Conference Champions: The Equalizer, 4everwarriors
Big East Regular Season Champion: Abode4life
Big East Tournament Champion: CTWarrior
NCAA Tournament Champion: CTWarrior
Season Champion: nyg
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