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Author Topic: Georgetown Prediction Contest Results  (Read 3656 times)


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Georgetown Prediction Contest Results
« on: February 22, 2014, 10:42:19 AM »

Based on new rules, answers must be exact, here are the results...
                               ACTUAL                WINNER

MU totals pts.               80                     Betrayed
GT total pts.                 72                     miles, Bowl Choker
MU lead score/pts.        DG/20               Bahai Warrior, 4th and State
MU Rebs                       37                    lots of people
GT Rebs.                       36                    Lots of people
MU lead reb/reb.           ST/8                   NA
MU assts.                     15                     Lots of people
GT assts.                      11                     Lenny's Tap, TAMU
MU lead ast/ast.            JW/DG/5            Squinto           
MU 3 pt.                       7                       Too many
GT 3 pt.                       8                       MUfan12, 77ncaachamps,drewm88,Bahai W
MU lead 3 pt.                JT/4                  Soiled, 4th and State                                                                               
MU last scorer               DG                    too many

WeareMU13------1 pt
77ncaachamps----1 pt
Judy's Thong------1 pt
Drewm88------1 pt
Soiled-----------1 pt
4everwarriors------1 pt
Sudden Sam------1 pt
nyg------1 pt
Antelope Meat-----------2 pts
Marquettejr----------2 pts
MUfan12-----------1 pt
Viral Tiawaka---------1 pt
Willie Warrior-------2 pts
The Taste of Garlic----1 pt
RWBarton---------1 pt
Chili Gene---------1 pt
Greek Moisture-------1 pt
prunedanisheater---2 pts
Brutus---------1 pt
Roykos Boxers---2 pets
TAMU Eagle----1 pt
Squinto-------2 pts
Bahia Warrior-----3 pts
Rotten Rudy-----1 pt
Harry Lips-------1 pt
Laughing Harbaugh------1 pt
Betrayed--------2 pts
Bowl Choker--------1 pt
Rawhide Chew Bone----1 pt
Lenny's Tap-------1 pt
4th and State------3 pts
Creanshame-------1 pt
Slim--------2 pts
Proud Punjabi-----1 pt