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Author Topic: Creightion Prediction Contest Results  (Read 4711 times)


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Creightion Prediction Contest Results
« on: January 27, 2014, 12:48:33 PM »

Sortable Game & Season Standings:

1) How many points will Marquette score? 49
Chub Smoker

2) How many points will Creighton score? 67
Leemack, engorged

3a) Who will be Marquette's leading scorer? Jamil Wilson & Chris Otule
3b) How many points will he score? 10
No Winner

4) How many rebounds will Marquette have? 36
Skat Skater, pinto or vega, the.sammer, Betrayed, RagingErik, WarhawkWarrior, T-bone, DenverMU, kalkbird

5) How many rebounds will Creighton have? 38
Bowl Choker, brown eye

6a) Who will be Marquette's leading rebounder? Jamil Wilson
6b) How many rebounds will he have? 8
pinto or vega, Bleueaux

7) How many assists will Marquette have? 9
Dancing Cheetah, MUfan12

8) How many assists will Creighton have? 19
jharwig, Leemack, Slim, keefe, pinto or vega

9a) Who will be Marquette's assist leader? Jamil Wilson, Todd Mayo & Jajuan Johnson
9b) How many assists will he have? 2
creansshame, Bilandic's Snowstorm

10) How many three-pointers will Marquette make? 2
Squinto, the.sammer, Larrys Gone, Leemack, brown eye

11) How many three-pointers will Creighton make? 13
bossplayaotto, Judys Thong

12a) Who will lead Marquette in three-pointers made? Jake Thomas
12b) How many made three-pointers will he have? 2
keefe, pinto or vega, Royko's Boxers, rwbarton, rmi210, drewm88

BONUS) How many point's will Marquette's bench score? 19
No Winner
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