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Author Topic: Cal State Fullerton Prediction Contest Results  (Read 2056 times)


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Cal State Fullerton Prediction Contest Results
« on: November 28, 2013, 10:31:42 PM »

Sortable Game & Season Standings:

1) How many points will Marquette score? 86

2) How many points will Cal State Fullerton score? 66
Brutus, Brewcity77, Skatastrophy

3a) Who will be Marquette's leading scorer? Jamil Wilson
3b) How many points will he score? 24
No Winner

4) How many rebounds will Marquette have? 40
Skatastrophy, JamilJaeJamailJrJuan, hotbeeftips, MUfan12, Slim

5) How many rebounds will Cal State Fullerton have? 20
No Winner

6a) Who will be Marquette's leading rebounder? Davante Gardner & Jamil Wilson
6b) How many rebounds will he have? 9
Flash, lessthannick11, bossplayaotto, dan, DenverMU

7) How many assists will Marquette have? 19
chuncken, mubb34

8) How many assists will Cal State Fullerton have? 11
MUFanatic, prunedanisheater, warriorchick

9a) Who will be Marquette's assist leader? Derrick Wilson
9b) How many assists will he have? 5
Skatastrophy, jeipps, 2012 Warrior, Eford4president2012, Slim, mileskisnish, goose, mubb34, Brewcity77, 4everwarriors, mu_83_florida, TAMU Eagle, MUFanatic, DenverMU, esard2011, Brutus

10) How many three-pointers will Marquette make? 7
WarhawkWarrior, InformedOpinion, nyg, Danny Noonan, LloydMooresLegs, esard2011, Brutus, willie warrior, MUfan12, bossplayaotto, PTM

11) How many three-pointers will Cal State Fullerton make? 8
2012 Warrior, jeipps, Slim, MUfan12, thetasteofgarlic, DenverMU, squallydryan

12a) Who will lead Marquette in three-pointers made? JaJuan Johnson & Jamil Wilson
12b) How many made three-pointers will he have? 3
goose, Slim, Montana Warrior, warriorchick, Informed Opinion, prunedanisheater

BONUS) Predict Jake Thomas' three-point shooting percentage to the nearest whole percent. 33%
squeallydryan, 4everwarriors, warriorchick, jeipps, MUfan12, TallTitan34, MUFanatic, Eford4president2012, Bleuteaux, the.sammer, jimmy
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