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Author Topic: Shumpert Chat  (Read 4473 times)

Strokin 3s

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Shumpert Chat
« on: August 15, 2007, 10:04:29 AM »


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Re: Shumpert Chat
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2007, 12:06:18 PM »
Carolina Blue's Clint Jackson caught up with 6-4 Junior SG Iman Shumpert over the weekend and talked with the elite prospect on all things pertaining to his recruitment. Shumpert reveals his top three, talks about how special his offer from UNC was and even mentions the cons of attending a program like North Carolina. Read all of what Shumpert had to say in this EXCLUSIVE interview with

Iman Shumpert has a top three of North Carolina, Georgia Tech, and Marquette. - What's your official school list?

IMAN SHUMPERT - My list stands at three schools right now. It's just UNC, Marquette and Georgia Tech.

CB- So that's your final three or just the three that have surged into the front of the pack for you?

IS- That's my final three schools.

CB- Your height and weight, we have you listed at 6-4. Is that correct? And what's your current weight?

IS - I am 6-4 and I was over 190, but I've lost some weight with all of the running we did over the summer. I am about 185 now, but should get back up there when I get back to hitting the weights.

CB- Talk about how it felt when you got that UNC offer...

IS- Man, it felt great. It's a huge deal to me. It's like in life, there are certain things that can be considered a major accomplishment. Getting an offer from the Tar Heels is one of those things. It was like something I worked for had finally come true. It doesn't get much better than that.

CB- Hearing that glowing review of your UNC offer and how it made you feel, that's got to be discouraging if I'm the Marquette or Georgia Tech coach and I'm reading that.

IS- Oh no, I like all three programs and that's why they're all on my final list. UNC has their cons as well you know...

CB- And what do you consider the cons of UNC, in your mind?

IS- Well, when you're a top national program like UNC, you're going to be bringing in the top recruits every year, so it's almost a sense of looking over your shoulder all the time..

Shumpert knows he will have to compete for playing time if he comes to North Carolina.
CB- So, you might be concerned about playing time?

IS- Not so much about playing time, but I know I'm going to have tough competition. That's what I want, but like I said, you definitely have to look over your shoulder at UNC.

CB- Talk about Georgia Tech a bit, what is it that you admire about them?

IS- I've visited there and I just loved the campus and the facility. They have a great coach and I think he's one that could help me get to that next level after four years of college. All three coaches on my list are guys that can get me ready for the next level. And I know some of the guys there like Gani Lawal.

CB- And with Marquette?

IS- Coach Crean is a great coach. I admire him. I think Marquette has a great school and program.

CB- As for your visits, have you got any of them scheduled anytime soon?

IS- I'm working on that right now.

CB- I know you plan to visit UNC, but are you going to visit Marquette and Georgia Tech again? And in regards to your decision, is there a plan or is it just something that will happen when it happens?

IS- I am going to visit all three schools. And with my decision, I think it's something where you just know when you know. It'll just hit you and you'll feel it when you know this is the place you want to go. I'm just looking for that feeling.

CB- What's your primary focus for getting your game ready for college basketball? Is there an area of improvement that you think needs a lot of attention before you step on campus as a freshman?

IS- I think I could certainly improve all areas, but mainly my body is one I focus on. I need to get bigger and get stronger. So I'll just continue to work hard on my body.


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Re: Shumpert Chat
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2007, 01:11:14 PM »
Thanks for the text, Spartan 3186. Interesting comments from Iman. Does anyone else get the feeling that he is happy for the UNC offer but that will be as far as he takes it with the Heels? The issue of being "recruited over" seems to be a concern.
He did have glowing (and more detailed) comments about GT and their "facilities." Surprised he did not mention MU's, which have to be at least on a par. Seems his relationship with Crean is tight and I'm hoping that, in the end, will win him over. This may take months, as he said he will take visits to all 3 schools again. I thought he was to make a decision sooner. Waiting is never fun.


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Re: Shumpert Chat
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2007, 03:04:12 PM »
as you state "may take months"  but possibly not.  School has to be in session for an official visit ( ie. everything gets paid for) so he could be visiting NC in the next couple of weeks....or like some he could visit during the football season....or during Midnight madness or the BBall season....or he could even visit in the spring.  I believe his timeline tho is shorter as opposed to longer many kids want to get the recruing over with and settle in and concentrate on their upcoming seasons.

My guess is Williams will visit during the BBall season so he can take in a big game.  Although he has verballed he can still take an official visit and you never stop recruitng a verbal until he is on campus the following summer!


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Re: Shumpert Chat
« Reply #4 on: August 15, 2007, 03:15:13 PM »
He strikes me as a sharp guy. 
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