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Author Topic: UW-Milwaukee Prediction Contest Results  (Read 1393 times)


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UW-Milwaukee Prediction Contest Results
« on: December 01, 2010, 08:42:07 PM »
1. Total Game Points:147 (147) MerritsMustache
2. MU points:75 (75) Sir Lawerence, McHenryWarrior
3. UW-M points:72 (72) Jay Bee, StillAWarrior
4. TO's forced by MU:15 (15) strobl2, The Deane Team, McHenryWarrior
5. TO's forced by UW-M:13 (13) wheresthecake?, MerritsMustache, caltruda
6. MU total made 3's:8 (8) StillAWarrior, pillardean
7. MU top scorer and how many:DJO 29 (27) scowwarrior
8. MU top assist man and how many:Buycks 6 (6) Jay Bee, McHenryWarrior, jhags15
9. MU top rebounder and how many:Crowder 6 (7) Sir Lawerence, marquettejr, 4everwarriors
10. MU top 3-point shooter and how many:DJO 5 (4) StillAWarrior, scowwarrior, ShyTownWarrior, pillardean

Bonus Question:2 points.  Predict MU's assist to turnover ratio. 1.1-1 The Dean Team, MerritsMustache,StillAWarrior