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Suggestion - add "For Sale: ..." or "Wanted: ..." to your thread title

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Just a suggestion to more easily connect buyers and sellers.  I guess "Trade: ..." is another good one.

to keep it shorter/consistent, some common acronyms:

WTS - want to sell

WTB - want to buy

Do what you like, I personally find the acronyms more confusing (or at least, easier to mistake by the eyes).  Speaking of which, if you're going to abbreviate, since they both start with "WT", wouldn't it just be easier to do: "S" or "B"?  You're wasting valuable keystrokes man :)

definitely fair points.  it was just a suggestion based on what's worked in my experience.  i've seen WTB/WTS as the convention several other places, but I suppose they aren't clear unless you're familiar with them.

Yup, it's all just suggestions anyway.  I'm not trying to enforce strict rules on this board.  Just noticed it was confusing who was buying and who was selling as I looked at the listings.


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