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Author Topic: Recent Books you have enjoyed  (Read 49198 times)


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Re: Recent Books you have enjoyed
« Reply #200 on: November 12, 2021, 11:50:08 PM »
Thought “Sooley” was good, not great.

Agree 100%.
“A lot of the stuff that we believe in and that I’ve always believed in — it takes time. It’s not a quick fix. It’s not an instant-gratification thing. It’s a drip-by-drip process.”

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Re: Recent Books you have enjoyed
« Reply #201 on: November 13, 2021, 12:01:37 AM »
Just finished the Giannis biography by Mirin Fader, and holy Hell, if you haven't read this book, you don't know anything about what he has overcome to make it to where he is, or the extent of his humility.

The Giannis biography is next on my list after I finish up How the Word is Passed. Not sure I’ve heard a bad review from anyone.

Scoop Snoop

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Re: Recent Books you have enjoyed
« Reply #202 on: November 14, 2021, 02:38:56 PM »
Alex Trebek's And the Answer Is... is an easy and fun read. He was a real down to earth type of guy and he offered plenty of great stories from his life.

 My favorite story was when he was MC for the packages of performances- music, athletic events, etc.- that were put on to celebrate Canada's 100th anniversary as a Dominion in 1967. With Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip present and, afterward, thanking the performers ("That was a wonderful performance. I enjoyed it very much. Please tell me your name and where you are from."). Rinse and repeat. Phillip's job was to stay just slightly behind Elizabeth in the receiving line as they thanked everyone. Just before the queen came up to Alex, she glanced over her shoulder and noticed that Phillip was not behind her. She was not going to exit the stage alone, so when she spoke to Alex (he was at the end of the line) , she engaged him in conversation for quite a while after finding that he had an interest in horses, a subject in which she is very knowledgeable. And why was Prince Phillip delayed? Apparently he was quite interested in a gymnastic team and not anxious to move on. Alex described the team as "20 year old blond girls in bright blue tights".   

Alex's phone rang often that night. His friends, having seen the events on TV, wanted to know how he managed to get such special treatment from the queen. The next day Alex was MC again and wondered what his new best friend would choose to talk about when she came to him at the end of the line. Queen Elizabeth approached Alex, smiled, and said " Wonderful performance. I really enjoyed it. Please tell me your name and where you are from."
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