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Author Topic: Prediction Contest Rules and Prizes  (Read 9398 times)


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Prediction Contest Rules and Prizes
« on: October 25, 2006, 12:43:29 PM »

Here are the rules:

A couple of days before each game, I will submit a post on THE MAIN BOARD  saying something along the lines of "Make your UCONN predictions here." You will have until tipoff (any responses posted after the scheduled tipoff -- no matter how close to the time -- will not be counted) to respond to that post and have your predictions counted towards the total.

Scoring: Each regular category in the prediction contest will be worth 1 point. For categories that just ask for a number, the closest person to that number will get the point. For categories requiring both a player name and a number, the contestant will have to guess the player name correctly and then the closest to the number will get the point. For categories requiring a score, the contestant will have to guess the winning team in order to be considered for points.

The Lottery:  Each game will also feature a bonus question that will be worth 1 point. In order to score the point, the contestant will have to guess the exact answer. It may be that the question combines two separate factors, both of which you'll have to get right.  However, if there are no right answers, the point will roll over to the next game.  The point total will continue to grow until answered correctly.

I will post the results, as well as a running total of all contestants' points ON THE PREDICTION BOARD after each game.

Prizes  Ego food and admiration from the losers.  Contestants winning the OCC, Big East or overall season contests will be inducted into the MUScoop Prediction Contest Hall of Fame.

Any comments or questions can be posted or emailed to SoCalwarrior
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