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Title: Providence Prediction Contest Results
Post by: denverMU on February 21, 2014, 08:23:10 PM
Based on new rules, answers must be exact, here are the results...
                               ACTUAL                WINNER

MU totals pts.               61                    Roykos Boxers
Prov total pts.               50                    Brutus
MU lead score/pts.        DG/14               NA
MU Rebs                       37                    lots of people
Prov Rebs.                    40                    MUfan12, Greek M, Leemack
MU lead reb/reb.           DB/DG/6           Willie W, Larrys Gone, nyg, Brutus
MU assts.                      14                    too many to mention
Prov assts.                    9                      2012 Warrior
MU lead ast/ast.            DW/8                Greek M       
MU 3 pt.                       3                       Too many
Prove 3 pt.                      2                     Too many see total list
MU lead 3 pt.                JT/JJJ/JW/1        Soiled, The Simmer, The Truth, Bilandics Snowstorm, Latex G   
MU TO's                       11                     weareMU13, MUjr, Rotten Ruby, Betrayed


The Truth--------1 pt
Kalk Bird----------1pt
Roykos Boxers-------------1 pt
Warhawk Warrior-----1 pt
Marquettejr----------2 pts
MUfan12-----------1 pt
Lee Mack-----1 pt
Soiled---------2 pts
Larry's Gone----------1 pt
Class70-------1 pt
Chub Smoker-----------3 pts
Rawhide Chew Bone-----1 pt
Cobbeen Clogger--------1 pt
Rotten Rudy-----------1 pt
Willie Warrior-------2 pts
The Taste of Garlic----1 pt
The Armenian-------1 pt
Latex Garment-------1 pt
Harbaugh Laughing--------1 pt
Greek Moisture-------2 pts
Bilandics Snow storm------4 pts
Engorged-----------1 pt
The Sammer-----------1 pt
Brutus------------2 pets
TAMU Eagle-------2 pets
weareMU13-------2 pts
FUPA Violation------2 pets
2012Warrior------2 pts
prunedanisheater------2 pets
Proud Punjabi-------1 pt

Title: Re: Providence Prediction Contest Results
Post by: Retire0 on February 21, 2014, 09:06:30 PM
Having done by own tabulating of the contest, it falls down with all of these predictors that aren't posters.

I'm on here too much and only six of those names stand out.