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Title: Welcome! / Rules / Tips
Post by: MUScoop on October 23, 2006, 04:08:08 AM
Welcome to MUScoop!  Glad you found us.

After registration it may take about 15 minutes to get the confirmation/activation e-mail.  If you don't receive it within an hour, send an e-mail to

Some (very brief) forum rules:

Content from external sites
Public sites: Feel free to link, or if you are feeling helpful, copy the text with the link (to properly accredit it.)

Premium (membership) sites: Do not cut and paste.  You may summarize/paraphrase the information, of course.   What you do with the info after they sell it to you is your business, as long as you're not repeating it verbatim.

Quick Tips
Hiding your e-mail address
I've had a few queries from people asking how to hide their e-mail address in the profile, or whether it was really hidden.

When you register for the site, there is a check box to "Hide email address from public?".  If you missed this or forgot to check it, other registered users can see your e-mail address.  Guests however cannot - they can't view profiles at all.  But, here's how to hide it after the fact:

Now, when you view your own profile, you'll still be able to see the e-mail address.  However, as long as you have this option set, others can not see it.

Cell Phone Access
For most phones you can just point to and they will automatically display the cell phone version of the page.  If that doesn't work, you can use   or...

See this thread for full details:

Ignore List
You'll need to go to...
    profile->Modify Profile->Buddies/Ignore List
And edit your ignore list.  This link should get you there directly....;area=lists;sa=ignore