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Author Topic: St. John's Prediction Contest Results  (Read 3688 times)


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St. John's Prediction Contest Results
« on: February 21, 2014, 06:28:45 PM »

Based on new rules, answers must be exact, here are the results...
                               ACTUAL                WINNER

MU totals pts.               59                     Larry's Gone, Skat Skater
STJ total pts.                74                     Antelope Meat
MU lead score/pts.        DW/14               NA
MU Rebs                       43                     Raging Elk
STJ Rebs.                     38                     Warhawk, Pierced Nipples, Rawhide Chewbone
MU lead reb/reb.           JA/9                   jimmy
MU assts.                      8                      NA
STJ assts.                     14                     Cobeen, Rotten Rudy, Viral T, Willie Warrior
MU lead ast/ast.            DW/JJJ/JA/2.      NA                 
MU 3 pt.                       3                       Too many see total list
STJ 3 pt.                       8                       Too many see total list
MU lead 3 pt.                JT/3                   Too many see total list                                                                                         MU Freshman mins        51                     The Truth

DenverMU-------------1 pt
JamilJae---------------1 pt
Antelope Meat-----------1pt
The Truth--------1 pt
Kalk Bird----------1pt
Harry Lipps-------------1 pt
Warhawk Warrior-----2 pts
Marquettejr----------1 pt
MUfan12-----------1 pt
Lee Mack-----1 pt
Pierced Nipples---------1 pt
Larry's Gone----------2 pts
Skat Skater--------1 pt
Raging Elk-----------2 pts
Rawhide Chew Bone-----1 pt
jimmy---------1 pt
Cobbeen Clogger--------1 pt
Rotten Rudy-----------2 pts
Viral Tiawaka---------1 pt
Willie Warrior-------1 pt
The Taste of Garlic----1 pt
RWBarton---------1 pt
Bowl Choker--------1 pt
No Debate----------1 pt
The Armenian-------1 pt
Latex Garment-------1 pt
Pinto or Vega?--------1 pt
Kardashians Beard-----1 pt
Chili Gene---------2 pts
Harbaugh Laughing--------1 pt
Greek Moisture-------1 pt
Creanshame-------1 pt
Blind Snow storm------1 pt
Danny Noonan-------1 pt
Engorged-----------1 pt
The Sammer-----------1 pt