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Author Topic: Prairie View Prediction Contest Results  (Read 1955 times)


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Prairie View Prediction Contest Results
« on: November 15, 2010, 11:33:44 AM »
1. Total Game Points:155 (155) scowwarrior, Secret of the Ouse
2. MU points:97 (97) denverMU
3. PV points:58 (58) wobbie, Warrior97, mileskishnish72, Jay Bee, mu_83_florida, wyoMUfan, WildBill77RT, SoCalEagle, drewm88, chicos
4. TO's forced by MU:20 (20) Benny B
5. TO's forced by PV:17 (16) 4everwarriors
6. MU total made 3's:3 (4) pillardean
7. MU top scorer and how many:Butler 18 (18) YourMyBoyBlue, flash
8. MU top assist man and how many:Buycks 7 (7) caltruda, Kaloon, irishmountin
9. MU top rebounder and how many:Fulce, Blue, Crowder 7 (Fulce 7) chicos
10. MU top 3-point shooter and how many:Buycks 2 (3) Kaloon

Bonus Question:1 point.  Predict the top five MU players to play the most minutes. Buycks, DJO, Blue, Butler & Williams (no one)