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Author Topic: Xavier Recap and Quick stats on Michigan  (Read 2582 times)

Henry Sugar

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Xavier Recap and Quick stats on Michigan
« on: November 26, 2009, 11:47:35 PM »
No time to throw this on CS and do a proper update tonight...


Xavier game was a defensive struggle (97.9 efficiency vs 84.1 for XU).  As a reminder, 100 is average and MU has been averaging 125 for the first four games.

Marquette was actually pretty good on eFG% (52%) and Free throw rate (53%).  Our turnover rate (19.5%), although average, was worse than it should have been.  Our offensive rebounding percentage (18%) was horrid today.

XU had an eFG% of under 40%, a turnover rate of 27%, and a free throw rate of 16%.  They had an offensive rebounding percentage of 45%.

In total, MU won three of the four factors today pretty handily.


Michigan has not been a very potent offensive team.  Their offensive efficiency has been marginal so far and pretty variable.  139.3 vs Northern Michigan, 100.8 vs Houston Baptist!, and 108.7 vs Creighton.

The one thing that they do fairly well is protect the ball.  Our ability to force turnovers is matchup #1.

Their defense has been better than their offense.  They've been very inconsistent in how they force turnovers and how they allow offensive rebounds. 

The one thing on defense they've done really well so far is not send people to the line.  How well MU gets to the line is matchup #2.

Go Marquette
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