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The redemptive power of a national championship by Marquette Fan In NY
[April 30, 2016, 11:00:14 PM]

So much for a world class basketball arena.... by The Sultan of Sunshine
[April 30, 2016, 09:46:17 PM]

Howard by forgetful
[April 30, 2016, 09:00:26 PM]

[Matt Velazquez] Marquette will have one visitor this weekend and it's L.G. Gill by MU82
[April 30, 2016, 08:50:32 PM]

Why So Much Chief Hate? by MU82
[April 30, 2016, 08:49:18 PM]

Favorite MU photos by Marcus92
[April 30, 2016, 07:21:10 PM]

Marquette Lacrosse by mupanther
[April 30, 2016, 05:00:38 PM]

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If it makes you upset, it makes me happy.

Let's face it, if the 22nd amendment never existed, Obama would be elected again.  By a landslide.  Very good president.


I hate murder....that makes you happy.


Obama's approval rating for 7+ years is 47%.  The average for US presidents since 1946 is 53%.

Now, back on rack.....INDEFENSIBLE this crap. Putting Americans (Actual Americans) lives and property at risk by doing this.  Disgusting. 

The Superbar / Re: What's Wrong With Apple (stock)?
« Last post by ChicosBailBonds on April 30, 2016, 09:08:25 PM »
Apple mergers and acquisitions.....yup, I was write.  Between 50 and 100.  Closer to 100.

78 thus far

It's what they do....then slap an Apple logo on it.  Don't get me wrong, they do a lot of R&D internally and have churned out great products.  End of the day, however, it is often cheaper to buy someone else's tech and that's typically what we do on the tech side.  It's what we did at DIRECTV.  It's what we did at Disney.  It's what others have done for many years.  Let someone else make the mistakes, see who survives, then buy them.
The Superbar / Re: What's Wrong With Apple (stock)?
« Last post by ChicosBailBonds on April 30, 2016, 09:05:00 PM »
Initially many hoped something called "iTV" was coming and that would revolutionize the TV industry.  never happened and is not happening.  (Note this is not the same thing as the "me too" Apple TV which competes with Roku, Tivo, Sling, etc.)

Now the hope is "iCar" is coming ... they will wow the world with an electric car, probably self-driving.

If they do this, $250 stock.  If not, $75.

Told you guys what, 4 or 5 years ago that iTV was never going to happen.  The programming conglomerates (Disney, Viacom, 20th Century, CBS, etc) are a powerful bunch and they aren't just going to roll over.  Apple kept thinking they would, and of course they found out the hard way they wouldn't. 
The Superbar / Re: What's Wrong With Apple (stock)?
« Last post by ChicosBailBonds on April 30, 2016, 09:03:48 PM »


Yup.  Mostly on trying to get them off their ridiculous 30% Apple tax....bastards.   But we released a number of apps on the iOS platform and AppleTV, mostly working with their biz dev teams to do some deals around the Apple Store.  Last year or so around placement within their products, but that is an amazingly difficult thing to do without writing a massive check that isn't worth it in my opinion.

The Superbar / Re: What's Wrong With Apple (stock)?
« Last post by ChicosBailBonds on April 30, 2016, 09:01:32 PM »
Ancient history as that all stop in 2012.  They have done nothing since.  No new products (save the bust of the watch and music) and only wishful thinking that they have something coming.

Need to show Tim Cook the door.  He is the male version of Marissa Meyer (Yahoo CEO).

You might be right about Cook....some political baggage will come with that of course.  As far as Mayer goes, I've got a few friends at Yahoo and some that have left.  I think they were sunk regardless of who took over, but they will be bought soon. 
The Superbar / Re: Hooray, Hooray The 1st Of May...
« Last post by 4everwarriors on April 30, 2016, 09:00:35 PM »
Just make sure ya wearin' yo raincoat, ai na?
Hangin' at the Al / Re: So much for a world class basketball arena....
« Last post by keefe on April 30, 2016, 09:00:27 PM »
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Howard
« Last post by forgetful on April 30, 2016, 09:00:26 PM »
Hopefully he shoots better from 3 for us next year then last years winner.

Isaiah Briscoe:  2015-16 3 pt% of 13.5% for Kentucky.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: The redemptive power of a national championship
« Last post by MU82 on April 30, 2016, 08:57:54 PM »
Long post alert. I'm really perfectly ready to let this conversation go. I get that many of us disagree on how this was handled. the very least a few of us aren't fans of it. But the can of worms is open, so I'll respond, but only to clarify why I feel the way I do about this.

If not there absolutely should have been.

Yes, because he was early enough in his career that he could still transfer without any problem. I am optimistic that Wally can graduate this summer and still latch on somewhere, but he should have been aware of this situation months ago so that it wouldn't be an issue now.

Christopherson was a completely different situation because of the coaching change. However, to the greater point of guys being surprised when they are told to pack their bags, I don't think it should come as a complete surprise. If you're making the move of cutting someone, you've been thinking about it for a long time. For a guy like Wojo, who the stories say was told by Coach K that he needed to do X, Y, and Z to become a contributing member of the team, that should resonate even more. These guys should be aware at every step where they stand and if they are on the chopping block, they should definitely be aware of where they are, why, and what it would take (or if there's nothing possible) to change that.

I don't think he does. But I don't think anyone should be surprised when they are cut. The only exception would be a coaching change, where you know the dominoes may shuffle, and honestly, I think any incoming coach should have the integrity to give any of the on-roster players at least one year to see what he has. I'm not a fan of the Christopherson running-off either.

Part of my issue with this is also that if Wally is being completely blindsided by this, have the other players who are close to the fringe been given this talk? So many seem keen to toss Cohen and Anim out the door if we could land someone better. I'm not that guy, but I do feel that if those are indeed the two closest to the cut line, Wojo should have been having these discussions for the past few months and they should be fully aware where they stand and what they need to do to improve that standing. Honestly, even if guys aren't close to the line, they should still be getting those "where you are and where you need to be" talks on a regular basis.

Again, I take more issue with him being a transfer senior because it is not just pulling his scholarship but ending his career prematurely. I hope he can graduate and transfer, but while that will be better than the current situation, it won't undo the way this was handled.

The entire roster and scholarship situation is Wojo's doing. Us not having a PF on the roster is Wojo's doing. Us not having room for Reinhardt is Wojo's doing. Maybe he should have put more effort into landing Kyle Washington or Austin Nichols if PF was such a pressing need. Putting together a roster that makes sense going forward is the coach's job. If we have this need for a PF, whose fault is that? Certainly not Wally's, who helped bring in the best PF in Marquette history. As far as Anim, while I understand him growing and developing, he played just over half Wally's minutes in just over half Wally's games last year. Is he better right now?

I know you really like Reinhardt's game, but I feel he's a less than necessary piece. Okay...I get him if we are in "must win now" mode, but with Johnson, Wilson, Rowsey, and Cheatham we are not short of guys that can play the 2/3 role, especially with Anim, Cohen, and Hauser waiting in the wings. He was a luxury item at a position where we don't have a pressing need.

Again, these are discussions that should be had continually. That said, Wally did play 8.8 mpg last year and minutes opened at the position he played most frequently. He shouldn't have been handed a starting spot, but based on our current roster, he should have had the chance to compete. And if it was a shock, he should have known why and what he needed to improve a long time ago.

That is without a doubt a major part of my feelings. Wally delivered. He did what he was supposed to do. But it's also about the timing. Before Wally was cut, his brother declared for the draft and we added Reinhardt. So the PF need was already there and the scholarship situation was already full. Someone was getting cut (as you noted above) and the reason for that is because of the coaching staff's roster management.

I think there are a couple other reasons, at least for me personally. First, I always felt that Wally wasn't just Henry bait. Watching him last year, I saw a high-energy player that could go get boards. Is he a 25 mpg guy? No, but I do think he demonstrated he could contribute at this level. If he's being reduced to walk-on minutes (thinking <5 mpg in <10 games played) then why was he given 8.8 mpg while playing 29 games this past year when more minutes should be available? To keep Henry and his family happy?

And on a strictly personal level, right now I am working with a ton of guys in this age range. 20-22 year old kids that don't have a ton of life experience. So yes, part of this is also me looking at my guys and knowing that for them to improve, I need to have these same candid, open, frank discussions on a regular basis. I'll also admit that may be unfair on my part to project my situation onto this, but the simple reality is that our own life experiences help form our opinions, and that's exactly what I'm looking at when I consider Wally getting cut.

I also like that you shared your rationale for all of your thoughts.

I agree with much of this (not that you asked), and I also respectfully disagree with some of it.

I especially disagree with you casually calling Henry "the best PF in Marquette history," as if there was no debate.

Mr. Lucas would strongly disagree.

But yes, I admit I'm picking nits.
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