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Sandy Cohen transfer article by Waldo Jeffers
[Today at 10:15:44 AM]

Recruiting as of 11/15/16 by tower912
[Today at 10:10:21 AM]

Fres no-no-no.... ok by 4everCrean
[Today at 10:09:03 AM]

Hey Students by SaveOD238
[Today at 10:05:00 AM]

Cheatham by GB Warrior
[Today at 09:58:29 AM]

The problem with Luke by Lennys Tap
[Today at 09:22:17 AM]

Traci knee trouble by jsglow
[Today at 08:22:59 AM]

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Hangin' at the Al / Re: Fres no-no-no.... ok
« Last post by MUfan12 on Today at 08:42:55 AM »
And 50% red.

God, I hope not. But given the lethargy of the fanbase so far this season, it wouldn't surprise me.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Cheatham
« Last post by tower912 on Today at 08:42:49 AM »
Last year, the opponent's defense was focused on Henry at all times.   Haanif didn't face defenses shaded toward him.   This year, he is near the top of the scouting report.    They are sitting on his left hand.    They are collapsing hard when he starts his drive knowing that (A) he is going to the rim, (B) he does not finish with his right hand, and (C) he isn't giving it up once he starts his drive.     They have adjusted to him.    Now it is on him to adjust to them expand his game. 
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Hey Students
« Last post by jsglow on Today at 08:40:00 AM »
so when should up Saturday if I want a good spot in the lower bowl?

Johnny, not sure what year in school you are but both my kids had the honor of leading the student section into the Bradley center for the Wisconsin game their Frosh year.  Neither was exactly first in line but each was picked out by officials/coaches out of the initial group to lead the charge.

In 2010 gametime was around 1p.  My daughter and some male/female friends arrived at Bradley during the Bucks game the night before, were escorted across the street to the Arena side and curled up in sleeping bags under the arena sign on the corner of 4th/State.  MUPD and MPD was aware of the situation and kept a watchful eye on them all night.  As the first girl, she lead the charge the next day.

Two years later my son was not to outdone.  In 2012 the game was at something like 5p.  He and a group of Abbottsford guys got down there at something like 4a.  Many, many hours later Buzz picked my son out of that initial group, had him help hand out food, and lead the students in.

By the way, both graduated in 4 years proving you can work hard/play hard.

Enjoy and cherish the experience.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Sandy Cohen transfer article
« Last post by jaygall31 on Today at 08:39:14 AM »
Sandy seems like a nice kid and I hope he does well wherever he winds up. He simply wasn't a Big-East-Conference-level player. No disgrace.

Well Said. I'm not even sure he's D1. But the mins simply weren't there, and frankly weren't going to be there.
The Superbar / Re: NFC North/NFL Thread 2016-17
« Last post by MerrittsMustache on Today at 08:37:20 AM »
Vic Fangio rumor is pretty troubling to me, especially if Fox stays. I don't get why he would be let go, on my list of Bears problems, Fangio is maybe last on the list.

I'd replace Fox and Loggains before Fangio. The D has gone from 31st pre-Fangio to 14th to 7th this season (yards allowed). Granted, they create very few TOs, primarily because there are no play-makers in the secondary, but they actually have a pass rush. Apparently Fox isn't a fan of Fangio's philosophy.

Hangin' at the Al / Re: Cheatham
« Last post by jaygall31 on Today at 08:37:17 AM »
He will be fine. Soph slump. Rather have it now than when BE starts. I think he's just finally realizing how good he can be, and he's adjusting.

As other's have said on this board, once he becomes Dominant with his right hand, he will be unguardable. He's as valuable as anyone. Hani will be fine.

(Trying to be optimistic, I just think he's too damn good to be playing like this).
Hangin' at the Al / Re: The problem with Luke
« Last post by tower912 on Today at 08:37:03 AM »
The problem with Luke is (A) the scheme and (B) his teammates.     If the other 4 guys on the floor were DJames, Blue, Butler, and Crowder, the team would have the same height it has now, but how different would the defense look?    The best defensive play of the night came with Duane flashing through and contesting at the rim.    Duane.    Contesting at the rim.    Duane.   Contesting at the rim. 
KR is a decent on-ball defender, as is HC, but right now neither one can put the ball in the lake.     Rowsey and Markus are 5'10.   JjJ gets steals, but is not a lock down defender.    Sam is fundamentally sound but frequently physically overmatched.    Everyone is guarding somebody bigger than they are out of necessity.   And none of them have a junkyard dog mentality.   

The one thing I will say about the defense is that MU is usually doing a good job of defensive rebounding.   Of course there are outliers, but in general, it has not been the game-in, game-out weakness I feared. 
Hangin' at the Al / Re: The problem with Luke
« Last post by g0lden3agle on Today at 08:36:40 AM »
He can't jump! How often does he win the tip off?

It's official- Luke is officially the anit-Chris Otule.  Great offensively, middling defensively, and can't even win the tip, one of MUScoop's favorite aspect of what Christ brought to the table.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Sandy Cohen transfer article
« Last post by MU1980 on Today at 08:31:33 AM »
I think Wojo should have sat Sandy down and explained what reality was this summer.  I think Wojo played it too cute by a half so to speak. He had an idea Sam and Markus would be strong players, but he wasn't sure, so he hedged his bets and kept Sandy around. Once it became clear Sam and Markus were true studs,  Sandy became disposable.In fact the team is better off without him as minutes allocations are much better. However,  I don't believe you treat college kids as disposable entities.  In this case you walk the kid off the ledge keep him around for the year. It is in every bodies interest. By the way I still think there would have been a handful of occasions Sandy could have played a meaningful role on defense. Sandy literally could have been the difference in a win or two, which as you know are very important when it comes tournament selection time.

I rarely post on here, but enjoy reading what most of the posters have to say.  In your case, I am always completely astonished at how little insight you have into a Division I athletics program, and yet you claim you have some background and know more than 99% of the posters on here.  Then you submit a post like the one above and show that just the opposite is true.  I was at a very high level as both a Division I athlete and coach, but I would never even begin to try and imply that I know what the EXACT conversations were between Sandy and Wojo.  In general though, I am guessing he was motivating ALL the guys throughout the summer, getting them to understand that this team is going to be deep, our incoming freshmen and transfers are very talented, and if you want to earn playing time, it is going to take hard work.  A program grows by having a lot of depth so that each player knows that if he doesn't work hard, doesn't play defense, isn't a team player, etc. he is not going to get playing time.  When a team has no depth, it is easy for the athletes to get complacent with their current ability level because they know playing time is there whether they improve or not.  None of us, including Wojo, had any idea if Sandy was going to improve enough or not to earn more playing time.  Having two freshmen step in right away and become two of your most reliable players does not happen often and while everyone was hoping this would be the case, nobody could have known they would be this good this quickly.  In Sandy's case, it appears that he did work very hard, but the talent wasn't there for him to earn enough playing time at this level. Wojo gave him his shot and in just a few games it was clear he was the last man on the bench and things weren't going to change.  For you to imply, with all of your supposed knowledge, that Wojo was dishonest with him or treated him poorly, is just plain wrong, especially when it is based on pure speculation about what conversations went on this past summer.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Fres no-no-no.... ok
« Last post by Dr. Vinnie Boombatz on Today at 08:28:53 AM »
Young team coming off a road win 48 hours earlier.  Big first half.  Rival game up next.  They let down in the second.

It happens.
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