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   " Twatter account"

   typo or a new dating site?  :D
The Superbar / Re: minimum wage hikes(follow-up)...not so good
« Last post by rocket surgeon on Today at 05:18:08 AM »
Filed under economics.

It also belongs in the daily dose of doom thread.

my apologies-we can move it to the "doom" thread if it makes others feel more comfortable.
  anywhooo, as cooler heads prevail-thank you!  my intentions were not to go all MU82 here.  it's merely pointing out that a topic we had discussed back in 2014-minimum wage hikes and their effectiveness.  back in 2014 of course. all we had was some pragmatic speculation and opinions.  what i was merely stating here is some real evidence coming in as to the efficacy of that very poorly thought out (imho) plan that most practical thinkers correctly predicted to be doomed for failure.  i don't care what ones political persuasion is.  the fact is this fails regardless. "feel good" chit has got to pass the "but is it practical test" as well.

    for those of you trying to paint me in to a political corner, your motives are too transparent ::).   we've been, for the most part, been able to have civil discussions lately around such topics as these without inserting vitriolic political partisanship and it seems to have worked out pretty good.  of course some of us try to tickle the edges a little, but come on man!  this was a very resourceful topic following up on a previously discussed issue.   as hilltopper correctly states-ECONOMICS for $100 alex would be a more accurate observation and i very much appreciated that
Hangin' at the Al / Re: 7000 fans a game?
« Last post by 4everCrean on Today at 03:41:22 AM »

Murray, I worry 'bout ya, man. You know, you're knot gettin' any younger, dude. Charles Luter, from Watertown Northwestern Prep, is da cat you be tinkin' of, ai na?

That'd be the cat.  Thanks for the assist.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: JFB to the T Wolves
« Last post by JWags85 on Today at 01:57:43 AM »
I really want to know the how/why the 16th pick got put into this deal.

If you're going to tank, why the hell aren't you hanging on to Jordan Bell?

Ughhhhhhhh, I hate this team.

When I was stuck in traffic coming back into the city today, I heard ESPN1000 replay interviews with both Paxson and Gar from earlier today.  Gar said nothing but stupidity and generalities.  However, Paxson made me want to never attend another Bulls game until they are gone.

Paraphrasing: "We werent going to move him unless something of this great caliber of return came along.  You guys don't know the real market for players in the league, the media knows nothing."  Basically trying to rave about the return they got.  And then got VERY pissy and bitchy when Silvy asked why a rebuilding team would sell a high second round pick and said its not something he's going to talk about.

Basically, the summary of the 10 min interview was "we have a plan, we got an awesome return for Jimmy, Wade is going to mentor all of our young players.  We know more than everyone else"...all while never giving any insight into the plan and completely skirting the questions about why this deal was worse than the original TWolves deal they turned down.
So I heard KO took friendly banter and made it awkward at wojo?
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Marquette Men's Basketball Centennial Hoopla
« Last post by wadesworld on Today at 01:01:28 AM »
Ain't no free BBQ doe, ai'na?
The Superbar / Re: MLB 2017 Season
« Last post by wadesworld on Today at 12:47:22 AM »
It doesn't have to be mutually exclusive.

I can understand why (as GB Warrior said in the comment just above yours), many Brewers fans hope management doesn't trade prospects for a long-shot run at a title. But I don't really understand why many Brewers fans are hoping a team in the middle of a pennant race act as if it's in last place -- and dump good, productive major-leaguers in an effort to chase some hoped-for title next decade that might never materialize.

Because as Brewers fans we need to realize the Cubs are not nearly as bad as they are playing and the Brewers are not nearly as good as they are playing.  Guys like Eric Sogard are not going to keep looking like they're Dustin Pedroia out there.  When the chances of you making the Playoffs are below 10% (and I said that before I even looked on Fangraphs, which has the Brewers Playoff chances at 9.5%), and the chances of making a run in those Playoffs is even lower (in fact, under 1% at 0.7% to make it to the NLCS), you look to better a future that appears to be heading in the right direction.

I would never suggest a true tank in the sense of benching the best available players on your roster to try to lose as many games as possible because moving up in the MLB draft is a lot less meaningful than in basketball or football, and the only reason not to play your best players available would be if you're out of the Playoff race and you want to see what you have in some of the younger guys on your roster, but if you are reasonable and realize that you are at least 2 years out from truly contending, if you can get a good return for some of these guys who really can't possibly play any better than they are (Garra last year, Shaw, Thames, Sogard this year) you have to take a serious look at it.  Could those guys be part of a Playoff run 2 or 3 years down the road?  Sure, it's possible.  But it's far more likely that it's centered around Brinson, Phillips, and others still in the minors than it is guys who are currently playing at their absolute peak.  You don't just pull a Bulls/Jimmy Butler and shed those guys for the first deal you are offered, but if you shop them around and find some good young talent, you make the deal even if you are still in first.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Marquette Men's Basketball Centennial Hoopla
« Last post by Jay Bee on Today at 12:38:33 AM »
Very well done
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Marquette Men's Basketball Centennial Hoopla
« Last post by warriorchick on June 23, 2017, 11:14:55 PM »
KO was hilarious.

Yep. Jay and the coaches were really ripping on Wojo. It was like a roast.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Marquette Men's Basketball Centennial Hoopla
« Last post by Sir Lawrence on June 23, 2017, 10:48:46 PM »
KO was hilarious. 
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