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Wisconsin SOTG by Herman Cain
[Today at 11:27:31 PM]

Coach K's Seat by warriorjoe
[Today at 11:12:38 PM]

Midwest Cities by MUDPT
[Today at 10:38:24 PM]

[Cracked Sidewalks] Bucky Beatdown by CrackedSidewalks
[Today at 10:30:05 PM]

Recruiting as of 11/15/17 by Mr. Sand-Knit
[Today at 09:47:58 PM]

Kohl'd blooded by warriorjoe
[Today at 09:46:29 PM]

Second worst loss by the Badgers on Kohl Hole History by cheebs09
[Today at 07:36:21 PM]

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Hangin' at the Al / Re: Coach K's Seat
« Last post by warriorjoe on Today at 09:38:25 PM »
Tough afternoon for Coach K, but he should be fine. Over 1,000 wins, five national titles, Hall of Fame. He will probably win one more championship in the next two years and then call it a career. It is a little premature at this point to say who will succeed him. He will be asked for a recommendation from Duke's AD, but will not choose a successor. My guess is that the man who would be king of Duke will come from outside the Blue Devil family. I would not be surprised to see Mike Brey lined up outside Cameron Indoor Stadium to vie for the job. I think a coach outside the Coach K tree will get it. Someone like Brad Stevens of the Celtics. Who knows? But it is fun to speculate.

Go Warriors!
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Kohl'd blooded
« Last post by cheese ball chaser on Today at 09:36:09 PM »
9.  We need another rival, this series is ours for the next 4-5 years.

The Superbar / Re: NFC North / NFL Thread 2017-18
« Last post by MU82 on Today at 09:32:48 PM »
Eagles were -2...

My wife was laughing as we watched the end of the game. I said: "There is going to be a pretty large segment of American wagerers who are not laughing right now. And some who are celebrating."
The Superbar / Re: Bitcoin
« Last post by CubillanSandwich on Today at 09:28:32 PM »
Is there a simple process to convert Bitcoin to USD?  I don't personally own any, but curious to understand the mechanism if anyone has experience. 
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Midwest Cities
« Last post by avid1010 on Today at 09:24:12 PM »
The progress has been remarkable. Are you disputing that? A Stanford study released this year showed CPS test scores improving at a rate better than 96 percent of districts across the country. Do they still have a ways to go? Of course, because where they were a 15-20 years ago was so low. But that doesn't remotely invalidate what I wrote (which, I suppose, you're tacitly admitting).

So, the answer is no?

In my opinion...You're dead wrong on this.  Citing the Stanford research study is great...while you question if someone knows why Claypool resigned...but do you understand the methodology used in the study you reference?  Have you read the peer reviews?  The study may be reliable, but it has validity issues that many with similar "Stanford" level research skills have questioned.  Nothing against CPS...they have an impossible battle on their hands.

Oh, and for best cities to live in...never enjoyed big cities for more than a few days...Kohler and Bailey's Harbor do it for me.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Recruiting as of 11/15/17
« Last post by Lennys Tap on Today at 09:22:18 PM »
That occurred to me.   That Wiscy looked like Buzz's last year when the team was basically Jamil and Davante.    Although I think Derrick and Jake might be better than what Wisconsin played with yesterday.

That team was 9-7 in the Big East before losing their final 2 games by 1 point in double OT. As bad as the BIG is this year (2-12 in the ACC challenge?) I think Bucky would be happy to go into their final 2 games in that position.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Kohl'd blooded
« Last post by Nukem2 on Today at 09:14:35 PM »
Yeah, but Anim was moving.  Davison oversold it no doubt.
Davison was moving as well.  Just a bad call..
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Wisconsin SOTG
« Last post by Lennys Tap on Today at 09:12:20 PM »
Agree with Sultan, Warrior and Goose.- Heldt was solid, but no better than #4 in the SOTG contest. Rowsey is #1, IMO.
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Midwest Cities
« Last post by Lennys Tap on Today at 09:08:04 PM »
One thing we might all agree on:  Madison would have been the best Midwest City to be in late this morning and early this afternoon.


Amen, Brother Goooo - God do I love MU beating Bucky!
Hangin' at the Al / Re: Midwest Cities
« Last post by Lazar's Headband on Today at 09:02:44 PM »
  Madison is to phony for me.  As I see it, raping the rest of Wisconsin for them to look good.   But that is just my opinion.

What do you mean by this?
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